Blue Rhino Kinetic Sculpture Project

This is a photo of a cardboard and tape prototype for the Blue Rhino Kinetic Sculpture.

The final sculpture will be a metal frame covered with lightweight fabric backlit with pulsating colored lights to the beat of the music.


Here’s look at what it potentially would look like with transparent, and back – let.




Where a short story about a rhino that goes to burning man!

Tabletop calendar photo

This photograph is from a calendar that I had about 10 years ago. The calendar is long gone but this one page from the calendar remains. It’s a photo of the Tabletop art car by Reuben Margolin. I have had it saved in a picture frame hanging in my office.


Today I opened YouTube, and it recommended I watch this video on Kinetic art. I can’t tell you how cool it was to find out the story behind this photo that I have been admiring for all these years.

Table Top Car by Reuben Margolin
Table Top Car by Reuben Margolin